Praveen Kumar Agrawal

Message from the Managing Director

Chroma International Pvt. Ltd is a premiere manpower recruitment company based in Kathmandu, Nepal licensed by Labor Ministry, Government of Nepal. Our office is situated in Gaushala, undoubtedly the hub of capital city.
At Chroma, we view manpower as a partnership and a bridge to build a lasting relationship with our clients. Our agency has been established with sincere and true intentions to provide skilled manpower to corporate houses, industries and organizations of the world. At the core of Chroma’s philosophy is its commitment to providing top quality recruitment solutions.

We always aim to exceed client’s expectations as we view every recruitment undertaking as a long-term partnership borne out of trust, professionalism and service satisfaction.

We take each recruitment undertaking as unique. We fully realize our role in helping our clients attain their company’s objectives. We constantly keep in mind the maxim that employees are the foundation upon which any business stands and thrives on. Thus selection of new staff is one of the most critical management tasks. We are likewise cognizant of the potential positive impact we play in the life and career of candidate we have considered and deployed.

On behalf of my sincere and hardworking colleagues, I would like to express that it is not just a manpower company that you are building relationship with, but a whole team of professionals in order to ensure unmatched high quality and recruitment service, valuing the confidence granted to us and striving to serve the best way we can.