Fame of Nepalese Manpower in the World

Nepalese manpower from semi-skilled and skilled to experts and managerial level are increasing demand from locations around the world.
The reasons why Nepalese manpower is in such a demand in the world are:

  •     Nepalese manpower can successfully adapt to even the most hostile atmosphere and climatic   conditions.
  •     Nepalese manpower always discharge their duties no matter what the circumstances.
  •     Nepal Government Procedures and Formalities for working overseas are comparatively simple.
  •     Nepalese are peace loving, dedicated and extremely loyal to their employers.
  •     Nepalese workers have a high sense of responsibility and discipline to complete their job requirements.

We have kept a large amount of human resource in our reserve pool for immediate placement. In addition, we can also quickly accumulate skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled English speaking workers through our local connections and networks.
For us to match your employee needs, we kindly request you to provide us:

  •     Detailed job description
  •     Length of Contract of Employment
  •     Hours, salary scale, nature of duty and other terms and conditions.

We can procure eligible candidates prior to the final interview.